October 13-16, 2016
Rector   Frank Costanzo

Assistant Rectors
  Mike Wise
    Rick Garrett

Spiritual Directors
  Richard Gibson
    Kevin Robison
    Kevin Skipper

Music Director
Paul Yanchek

Chief Aux
  Paul Mitchell
Assistant Chief Aux
  Brian Jurek

 Weekend Chairs   Greg McCandless
Karena McCandless

Table Leaders

Dan Allen
Ed Enold
Dave Richard
Michael Haag
Dorian Kidd
Michael Pickett
Darryl Scott
Michael Shockley
Marty Svajger
Bruce Szczepinski

  Dave DeWitt
Jerry Mathews
Jonathan Parries
Bob Russell Jr.
Mark Tyler


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Essentials Training:

If you are planning to serve on a weekend, please attend an Essentials Training (E.T.) before serving. According to the TDC bylaws, it is strongly recommended to attend this important training once every two years. The dates will be announced on this web page as well as in the monthly TDC newsletter.

E.T.’s are offered at least twice a year and are scheduled approximately six weeks after each TDC weekend. E.T. provides a basis for understanding what Tres Dias is all about!

Don't miss this opportunity to show your commitment to this TDC community. If you have any questions, please contact one of the secretariat members, or email us.

Click here for Online Essentials Training

 The Beginnings of Tres Dias

TRES DIAS was derived from Cursillo de Christianidad -"a short course in Christianity" which has been an active tool of church renewal since its beginnings in Spain in 1949. TRES DIAS was started in America in 1972. Individual weekends are sponsored and coordinated by local chapters which have been chartered by the national organization. TRES DIAS is an ecumenical movement open to any Christians who are interested in deepening their Walk with the Lord.


Prayer Request

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News Flash

  Men's  #25 October 13-16
We will accept applications until
September 30

 Tres Dias Cleveland Policy & Procedures Manual - Click Here to Download

Future Weekends


How to Serve:

For an application to serve: Click Here for Application Team Interest

There are many opportunities to serve in our Tres Dias community as well as other communities around the world. Your sponsor can help you get started. You will be able to learn more by attending Secuelas, reading the Tres Dias Blast e-mails as well as the monthly newsletter or attend secretariat meetings. 

Our goal is to create a database of willing and able volunteers by having each pescadore complete the following survey.  Indicating your interest in serving does not commit you to a specific time frame. We are simply trying to gather names of individuals who have interests in these service opportunities.