Reunion Groups

A small group of friends who meet regularly to encourage each other to continue their Christian growth by sharing their adventures in Piety, Study, and Action.

We are conducting an information collection drive strictly for the purpose of helping Pescadores plug-in and/or start a reunion group. The only way this will work is with your valuable input. Whether you are in a group or not we need the information to help that Pescadore who is looking for a group. Even if your group is closed, let us know that so we don’t bother you. At the next Secuela we will have some sign-up sheets for Pescadores old and new to sign up. “Iron does sharpen iron”, so let’s sharpen up!

Click here if you are in a reunion group and would be interested in sharing your group information.

Click here if you are interested in finding or starting a reunion group

Click here if you are interested in seeing what groups are open and available

Prayer Request

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Policy and Procedure Manual 

 Tres Dias Cleveland Policy & Procedures Manual - Click Here to Download

Future Weekends


           Women's Weekend #29 will be held April 23-26, 2020 at Camp Burton