Sponsor Responsibilities

  1. Use prayerful discernment as to your choice of Candidate.
    • Invite:
    • Church leaders (laity and/or clergy)
    • Dependable church members, yet less-active members
    • Christians desiring renewal and Spiritual growth
    • Christians who have a desire for a closer relationship with Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior
    • Christians at least 21 years old
    • Christians who have not have previously attended a Tres Dias weekend or similar experience recognized as equivalent by Tres Dias
    • Avoid inviting:
    • non-Christians;
    • persons undergoing a severe emotional crisis (family break-up, severe grief; psychologically unstable)
    • church-hoppers with a critical spirit
    • persons looking for yet another spiritual high
    • persons living a non-Christian life style
  2. Commit to sponsoring your Candidate in all 3 phases.
    • Pre-Weekend (prepare Candidate for participation in the Weekend)
    • Weekend (prepare Candidate for effective participation in the Fourth Day)
    • Fourth Day (encourage participation in a Reunion Group, local Secretariat, & Secuelas)
  3. As the most important part of Tres Dias, sponsorship is the first act of palanca before the Weekend ever begins. It undergirds the Weekend with personal acts of sacrificial love, such as prayer and palanca.
  4. Support the Weekend through your prayers, palanca, and attendance at Opening, Mananita (as applicable), and Closing.  Support the Candidate’s family by offering help during the Candidate's absence.
  5. Pray throughout the Weekend.
  6. Help the new Pescadores re-enter their church and consider ways to serve their new commitment within their church and environment.
  7. Inform and mentor ways for the new Pescadores to attend Secuelas, Secretariats, and other ways they can serve the Tres Dias Community and future.
  8. Help the new Pescadores to get into a reunion group, start one, or sponsor others.

Prayer Request

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Policy and Procedure Manual 

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Future Weekends


           Women's Weekend #29 will be held April 23-26, 2020 at Camp Burton