CONNECTIONS – we all have them. The question is to what are we connected? In Florida I saw folks walking the beautiful beaches while plugged into cell phones and iPods. Again here in Ohio I have seen folks walking the Metro Park nature trails on one of our first sunny Spring days while plugged into the same devices. It appeared that in the midst of some of the most beautiful areas of God’s creation, these folks were plugged into something completely different.

Recently, our Pastor preached a sermon titled “Good News Living” and one of his key points was that this involves living in joy and that this joy increases when it is shared. This reminded me of the story told about when the famous preacher D.L. Moody visited a parishioner that had stopped attending. As they sat by the fireplace, Moody took the poker and moved a glowing ember away from the rest. In a few moments the single ember cooled and lost it’s glow. Then, Moody pushed the cooled ember back among those still hot and the ember was warmed and began to glow once again. Without speaking a word, Moody had made his point and the parishioner was encouraged to return to the congregation.

So, if you are not feeling joyful, I encourage you to plug into true sources of joy - first with Jesus for He is the ultimate source of joy – also with a local church family and in particular with your Community of Believers at Tres Dias Cleveland. If you already are joyful, making more and deeper connections with these will actually bring more blessings to you as joy does increase as it is shared.

It has been my privilege to serve as President this past year and as Vice President the prior year. During this time, many of you have chosen to connect with and plug in to serve the Tres Dias Cleveland Community and for each of you that have, I give thanks.

I particularly thank God for Judi Crytzer, for her support as Vice President this year and her willingness to serve as President next year. Also, I am thankful for the service of the Secretariat Officers - Lisa Corwin, Treasurer; Melanie Garret, Treasurer’s Assistant; Jo-Ann Bush, Recording Secretary and Sy Mougrabi as acting Fourth Day Chair and also for the help from Susie Costanzo and Lisa McNeely with the Blast.

Last and certainly not least, I give thanks to God for my wonderful wife Jody and for her never ending love and support during my time of service and throughout our marriage. I love you Jo.

In closing, I thank God for the opportunity to be part of Tres Dias Cleveland. I encourage each of you to stay connected to the Tres Dias Cleveland Community and to plug into the joy found there. My prayer is that each of us will continue to experience joy as we draw closer to Christ in this journey we call life.

See you at the next Secuela.



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