I recently learned that at a time in England when the country desperately needed silver to create coins, Oliver Cromwell sent out his people to locate this precious metal.  They searched everywhere finding none except in the churches where statues of the saints were made of silver.  It was then that Cromwell said, “It is time to melt the saints and get them into circulation.” 

Isn’t that a wonderful example of how we, the Christian saints, need to live?  We are not to be sitting in our church pews only but rather our natural habitat is to be out there working for the Lord.

The Men’s #20 Weekend at Camp Burton is coming soon…October 13-16, and we, the Tres Dias saints, have an opportunity to get into circulation. Remember how we chastise the new pescadores to never ‘thank’ the community? Well, our behind the scenes service is our thank you to those who had blessed us so on our Weekend.  Remember, we bless others because we have been blessed. 

It is time to get into circulation, to melt ourselves into God’s service.  Make that call to Frank Constanzo, the Weekend Chair, at 440-990-8658 to offer yourself to serve in any way that he may need, to write or create palanca that would be meaningful to the candidates, but most especially to pray that God would be glorified on this Weekend.  Come now, it is time to be melted and get into circulation.  See you there out on the front lines, Judi

“Work with enthusiasm, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.” Ephesians 6:7

Other Notable Dates

October 8 – Secuela at True Vine Church, pastored by our own Ed McGhee

October 10- Secretariat at Highland Sixth

October 16 – Closing for the Men’s # 20 Weekend held at Highland Sixth Church

November 12 – Thanksgiving Pot Luck at Bay Pres

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Future Weekends


           Men's Weekend #27 will be held October 17-20, 2019 at Camp Burton