Active Tres Dias Membership

The Administrative Committee of the International Secretariat had suggested the following guidelines for active membership in Tres Dias. Active membership means being involved in some of all of the following:

  •  Completed TD/equivalent weekend
  • Participate in one or more of the following activities:
    • Attends Secuelas and/or Secretariats
    • Member of a Reunion Group
    • Weekend Support: prayer; palanca; sponsor a candidate; attend opening/closing services; mananita; participate in a weekend committee; etc.
    • Serve as an officer or as a member of local secretariat; local delegate to TDI Assembly; officer or member of TDI Secretariat (must have attended TDI Assembly within last 4 years)
    • Attend TD Essentials Training and/or serve as Trainer (certification good for 5 years)

Prayer Request

To send prayer requests / praise reports, Click Here

Policy and Procedure Manual 

 Tres Dias Cleveland Policy & Procedures Manual - Click Here to Download

Future Weekends

Men's Weekend #26   Oct.  19-22, 2017

Tres Dias International Assembly & Secretariat will be held in Cleveland July 13-15, 2018


For an application to serve: Click Here for Application Team Interest

There are many opportunities to serve in our Tres Dias community as well as other communities around the world. Your sponsor can help you get started. You will be able to learn more by attending Secuelas, reading the Tres Dias Blast e-mails as well or attend secretariat meetings. 

Our goal is to create a database of willing and able volunteers by having each pescadore complete the following survey.  Indicating your interest in serving does not commit you to a specific time frame. We are simply trying to gather names of individuals who have interests in these service opportunities.