As I had mentioned before in a previous letter, I had a wonderful opportunity to go on a missions trip into our city of Cleveland.On Sunday we worshipped at the Scranton Road Bible Church.As I took my seat I smiled and said hello to a woman in the pew behind me.As soon as she spoke, I immediately knew she was mentally challenged.She shared loudly with all of us around her that she attended a fair the previous day and got a free tee-shirt, one that she was real proud of.We shared our names and Janet and I talked about little things until the worship began.

The worship was one of the most beautiful times I have ever entered into.It wasnít because the musicians were gifted, nor that the choice of songs were so appropriate to my own heart at the time.It wasnít even that I was touched by the blind praise team member who led us in worship as she followed the words in Braille.All of that was wonderfully true, but I heard the most worshipful praise coming from my new friend behind me.Janet sang out, I mean really sang loudly.†† Although she knew the melody, she was TOTALLY off tune.She knew only a few words of each song, so she made the rest up.The music quality was awful to any music critic, but what she lacked in music finesse, she made up for in heart.She loved Jesus so much and she sang her heart out to Him.I wasnít able to see her face, but Iím certain that she was radiant with her love for her Lord.I knew that her worship was so much more beautiful to God than mine, for far too often my worship is tied up with what happened earlier that morning, or what will people think if I sing too loudly, or the silly distractions that often consume us.After the service was over, I thanked her for her beautiful worship.She smiled her toothless grin and practically shouted, ďI REALLY love JesusĒ.I knew she spoke the truth.


Iíve thought often about my encounter with Janet and have come to realize how she truly is not the disabled one, but truly is enabled.†† She is enabled to appreciate the simple beauties of this world that Iím often too busy to notice.Janet is able to experience life in a simpler way than I am.She is not caught up at all with the silly diversions of life; rather she is so appreciative and excited about EVERYTHING, even free tee-shirts.She sees life through the eyes of a child; she relishes every sunrise and majestic flower that our Heavenly Father created for us.


Father God, disable me so that I can truly experience life as you would desire.judi



  1. Continue to pray for Nicole Enold and her team as the meetings will begin in early March.
  2. Attend the Marchís secuela on the 10th at Bay.If you havenít attended an Essentialsís training in the last 3 years and would like to serve on a team in the future, come at 6:00 for the training.The secuela begins a 7:00.
  3. Want to be a part of the Womenís Weekend?Call Jan Wolff (330-873-1816) or Cassandra Kearney (216-310-4612) to find out how you can serve.